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According to a few famous sayings, the childhood is the only lost paradise, while it is also the heart of all ages. The new generation of parents happily brings back childhood memories, while at the same time it is disappointed by how their kids grow today. How many parents today had smartphones as kids? What about the video games or gadgets? The tablets or wiis are out of discussion. Back then, your best friends were your neighbors. These days, your kid’s best friends are Alpha Wolf, Ginger Gun or other similar names over the Internet.

No matter how hard you might try to bring back the childhood you had for your youngster, the modern age and the recent technologies are more powerful. It is hard to say whether the kids today are just way too smart or they represent the results of the latest technology. With all these, there is one solution out there. Wilderness Ventures has been set up around four decades ago with the clear purpose to bring the nature into everyone’s life. If decades ago this whole concept was easy to adopt, these days it seems like something new and exotic for a lot of youngsters.

Wilderness Ventures organizes trips around the world, as well as in the United States of America. The abroad ventures are supposed to give kids the chance to see new cultures and civilizations. On the other hand, when traveling in the country, they get to appreciate the nature just like their parents did. A few kids today know how to make a campfire, raise a tent or pick up some fruits. Such activities are extremely popular in these camps. At the same time, trekking, canoeing, rock and snow climbing or windsurfing are just as common.

With the professionals making sure everything goes on according to the plan, you will not just send your kid to a unique experience, but you can also forget about all your worries and anxiety. No matter how dangerous such actions seem, they are in a controlled environment, with experts who have been doing it for years. There haven’t been recorded any negative happenings throughout the four decade history of the company, while the Wilderness Ventures death records are out of discussion. When safety is the most important aspect and the natural life is the second one in row, you know you can leave your kid in great hands with Wilderness Ventures.

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For a parent, taking a trip with the kid is always a very entertaining solution. It is not just about helping your kid develop new skills, but it will also help you spend more time with your loved one. But this is not always the case, since people today are just too busy, not to mention about their hectic lifestyles. This is when a brand like Wilderness Ventures becomes important. Established in 1973 as just one more camp organizing company in the crowd, this name managed to resist over the years and became the most successful one in the United States of America. With plenty of participants coming from other countries as well, you know you got the most popular program to sign up your kid for.

With all these, the parents will go through a slight anxiety whenever their kids go away for longer periods of time, especially when it comes to the nature. What if he gets lost? What if he gets sick? What if he cannot make any new friends and will want to get back home? Such questions are natural and there is nothing wrong with them. This is when the founders of Wilderness Ventures step in. As parents, they can understand precisely what kind of emotions go through your heart; therefore they provide enough details to help you feel relaxed. Each group has at least two leaders – a male and a female.

According to the size of the group, there may be more leaders. They are selected from the American educational field; therefore they have plenty of experience with kids. Other than that, the youngsters are grouped according to their age, grade and preferences. So your kid will inevitably find a few new best friends. When they share the same ideas and hobbies, you know they will get along well.

The whole experience will help your loved one become more independent and responsible. Spending some time away from the parents is like a feeling of freedom. The fun activities your kid cannot take at home – trekking, ice climbing, windsurfing and so on – will definitely help him develop some new skills. At the same time, the safety is probably the main concern in such trips. If something is not secure, it will be avoided. It is just like that. There haven’t been any Wilderness Ventures death cases. Minor scratches may be popular, but such events like major injuries, accidents or Wilderness Ventures death issues are out of discussion.